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(If you have "52",  you already have these routines)

You are in a party, you didnt bring any props.
Someone asks you to perform.
You ask for a deck of cards.
You are ready to go!

Welcome to the "Borrowed Deck Act", a new 15 minutes act just with a unprepared and shuffle deck of cards.
A dramatic-structured act that squeeze all the potential of the mind using this common object.

Learn how to predict thought of cards, read minds and more!


1.  Memory to Remember: A memory expert needs preparation when he wants to give a demonstration in memory? Neither do YOU! 
2. ACAANasta: The classic effect meets the bold approach from Chan Canasta
3.Shhh!: The classic “Think Stop” effect with a logical and interesting presentation. 
4.BPC Closer: At the beginning of the act, one participant took ANY card (no forces) placing it below the box. At the end as climax, the card is revealed to be seen as correct prediction!

• • •